some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

So here goes... the first post!

Although rather apprehensive about 'putting myself out there', and would hate to come across as self indulgent, I have enjoyed and been inspired by so many wonderful arty blogs, I have a hankering to join in!
I intend using this blog rather selfishly as a motivational prompt to keep nurturing that creative spark so easily overwhelmed by the stresses of everyday, and to create a space to create.

I would love to share my love of of creative writing, art, mythology and wilderness - sometimes in words of my own, and sometimes sharing wordhoards of others who have inspired me.

I have had great fun already just designing my banner, though I was surprised how hard it was to choose a title...
'Images and Words' would have said it all but rather plainly - and only fellow Dream Theatre fans would have got the reference...!
Otherwise I would have loved to call it 'Wind Age, Wolf Age,' but it is afterall describing the end of the world so probebly not very appropriate for a creative blog! But how I love this passage...

'...An Axe-age, a Sword-age
Shields clashing,
A Wind-age, a Wolf-age
Until the World's ruin,
No man shall spare another...'
From the 'Voluspa' - Poetic Edda.

Anyway, I thought I'd start off by showing you a quick page of my sketchbook rather than make this too long and rambling!
Here is a little drawing of my elder daughter in the garden intended for a painting at some point...

And here is the quick watercolour study that followed...

Well, there goes the first post, I will try to post often, sometimes artwork, sometimes writing and literature, but I hope it becomes interesting to some of you out there and would love to hear your comments...

Best wishes, Carrie...


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous first blog! I love both the images you've created for your header and the title you've chosen - mine is hugely unimaginative in comparison. I blog 'hopped' over from Jackie Morris' 'Drawing a line in time' and am so glad I did so. Looking forward to sharing the creative journey with you. Kate :-)

  2. My first comment, how exciting!
    Thankyou Kate!
    Glad you liked it...

  3. Ooh I've just noticed Kate that your my first follower too! Thankyou so much...

  4. Carrie, thank you for your invite, i am so pleased that you have led to your beautiful blog, and cant wait to see more. The art work on your header is so beautiful. It seems we have very much in common from reading of your influences & your inspirations. I can remember how apprehensive i was when i first started out, but this blog world is an amazing place, so welcome & i hope you enjoy it all as much as i do. x ruthie

  5. Glad to meet you Carrie, I'm so glad you introduced yourself ! I'm looking forward to seeing your blog progress :)

  6. Thankyou Ruthie and Danielle!
    I'm really pleased you like it all and left me such nice comments - especially because I really enjoy and admire both of your blogs... thanks again!

    (p.s I've had to change my signature back to Swan Artworks for the sake of my other business blog - doh! But it's still me!)


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