some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Monday, 31 January 2011

Julia Mannings - a favourite Printmaker of mine...

This is a short clip from Printmaker Julia Manning's website showing a bit about her techniques and inspirations. I have admired her woodcuts and etchings for a fair while now, especially her birds, so I thought I'd point her out to you - I certainly found it fascinating to see this snapshot into her studio!
Woodcut is something I've been itching to try myself for years since a brief foray at Foundation Art College many years ago...
Here's a few more of her woodcuts and etchings that I really like...

'In the Beginning'

'Chit chat'

'Wotan's Wut'

'A Rebel of Ravens'

'The Sparrow Hawk that ate the Collar Dove'

There are lots more fantastic prints to be seen on her website
Hop over and take a look!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Unicorn for my portfolio...!

Click if you want to see it larger...

Hooray! I have had permission to add my Unicorn commission to my blog portfolio, so here it is along with a few close up details... It will also be under the Watercolour heading of my portfolio pages underneath my thumbnail bar soon...

I was for a change actually quite pleased with this one, I think it turned out well enough to become a part of my Children's Illustration portfolio as well, although that's coming along very, very slowly!
I promised my youngest daughter Elswyth a unicorn some time ago, and I enjoyed this one so much I really must get on with doing hers... Here's as possible idea from last year with both daughters that so far hasn't made it out of my sketch book... I definately owe her one!

Monday, 3 January 2011

The Holly King and the Oak King, not quite as you've seen them before!

Yes, I'm doing the proud mother bit...! Helping my elder daughter finish her christmas holiday homework - yes homework at 6 years old, she did such a fantastic picture of the Holly King handing over his crown to the Oak King, I thought I'd show it off! The Oak King is complete with green beard and squirrals after the acorns in his pockets...
I know traditionally in some versions at least each brother King slays the other to gain the crown, although in other versions the Oak King is newborn at Midwinter, his strength waxing as the Holly King's power wanes, but for now my children know a slightly less in depth version of the myth which I think is fine and they seem to enjoy.
I think my daughter's fine picture may have have inspired me to do a version of my own sooner or later, squirrals and all!
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