some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A bit more life drawing!

Well things have been so busy lately and only getting busier, I haven't had chance to even think about picking up a pencil in what seems like a long, long time! I am really missing my life drawing these past couple of weeks, it has been the one thing keeping my hand in while the illustration has been on indefinate hold...
So, to make me feel better about having no artwork to post up, here are the last set of life drawings from the last time I went 2 weeks ago. I didn't get around to posting them at the time...
She was a lovely model with the most beautiful profile - the kind of face I'd easily imagine Gabriel Rossetti drawing. In fact next time I have chance to draw her I intend to do a proper portrait study of her profile... I always end up focussing so much on getting down the poses that the faces are usually neglected, so I must try to draw her face!
5 minute pose
5 minutes again
15 minutes
Her lovely profile
30 minutes and floating up in the air unfortunately! Ran out of time to ground her!

And another 30 minute pose ( but with a terrible facial likeness!)

If the shop move goes to plan this weekend I should get a chance to attend the next session the following week hopefully! Really can't wait...


  1. I love the last one.. with the energetic marks around her and the way she feels comforted by what's around her.... this one's definitely grounded.

  2. Thanks Valerianna! Shame she's levitating so much in the previous drawing, especially because there was some real downward force in the arm she was leaning on, would've been nice to get that sense of weight and tension... win some, lose some!

  3. how wonderful that you give these classes to yourself. I am so impressed with the times each sketch is done. I may have to try this someday. I have read numerous times that it is good to have a model, for light, shapes etc. but that our art will not look like the model. So maybe that is ok. Still I know some people can draw what they see and oh so well. These are wonderful.

  4. Life drawing is one of the most difficult pursuits, good for you for persevering, your devotion has definitely paid off.

    Good luck with the move.


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