some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The great Glenn Hughes, and a commision in the wings...

For any heavy rock people out there I thought I'd just show you this clip (someone elses who was there not mine) of a fantastic gig I went to last night at the Fleece N' Firkin in Bristol...
The excellent Glenn Hughes, former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath front man, twas a great show...

Of course his latest venture is the power trio 'Black Country Communion' with Jason Bonham and Joe Bonamassa on tour next year, though by strange coincidence it just happens we're going to see Joe Bonamassa in Bristol tomorrow night as well!
Don't get to go out for ages then two come along at once!
Although my 3 year old Elswyth last night had thrown her arms around my neck saying:
' I want to keep you mummy cos I love you and I don't want you to go out' - talk about guilt trip for poor usually stuck at home mummy! But luckily I did get permission to go in the end from youngest little elfin one!

Also I have a really lovely baby portrait commision to get stuck into which will be a really enjoyable way back to my art that has been seriously sidelined of late. If I get permission to show it after christmas I will let you in on how it turns out, but it will involve at least one unicorn!
I've been itching to get back to some artwork lately so this is just the prod I need!

Hope you don't mind a bit of heavy rock! ;)


  1. Yippee for the Unicorn and also for your night's out. Nothing wrong with a bit of metal in my books Carrie!

    Kate :-)

  2. Hee, hee, yeah it was a great gig... Looking forward to seeing Joe Bonamassa tonight, though I think I must be getting old (or feeling it) - I find myself thinking 'oh good its seated!'


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