some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Monday, 31 January 2011

Julia Mannings - a favourite Printmaker of mine...

This is a short clip from Printmaker Julia Manning's website showing a bit about her techniques and inspirations. I have admired her woodcuts and etchings for a fair while now, especially her birds, so I thought I'd point her out to you - I certainly found it fascinating to see this snapshot into her studio!
Woodcut is something I've been itching to try myself for years since a brief foray at Foundation Art College many years ago...
Here's a few more of her woodcuts and etchings that I really like...

'In the Beginning'

'Chit chat'

'Wotan's Wut'

'A Rebel of Ravens'

'The Sparrow Hawk that ate the Collar Dove'

There are lots more fantastic prints to be seen on her website
Hop over and take a look!


  1. Im loving 'A rebel of ravens' :-)

  2. Yes, the title says it perfectly doesn't it...!

  3. Sounds like a great name for a band to my mind!

  4. Great work, of course the Raven themes always help! I like her video, great wings and skulls and such... And I know both of us have such things in our creative spaces. I enjoyed seeing yours on The Drawing Board today....

  5. I made two wood engravings at college many years ago, then had some printing days a couple of years ago and a taste of different techniques.
    I do love printing and can now appreciate the work involved. Beautiful work by Julia Manning.

  6. Carrie, thank you, i seem very drawn to wood cuts & should love to have a go. I did etching at art college & fell in love with that! I love Julias work, I hadn't come across her before & its always exciting to discover a new fave artist. Beautiful use of colour, i especially love the silhouette. x


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