some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Moon-Singing Fish...

Images and words copyright of Carrie Osborne 2010

The Moon was very big and full tonight as I drove home, and made me think of the second of my dummy (or mock up) books still waiting to be finished. The writing of this story needs quite a lot of reworking still and has a long way to go with the artwork too, but this is the double page rough for the full-moon page of the story.
I have less confidence in this story than the other two I am working on, but I like the raw idea of it if I can just get it to flow better. I won't give too much away, you never know I might get a chance to submit it one day! (If someone hurrys up and invents a time stasis machine!)

A strong full moon does not agree with me very well, makes me unsettled and edgy and quite often physically under strain as well. I must be a good example of how myths of lycanthropy
might have come about! Even still there is a bewitching beauty to a full moon riding bright in a deepening sky, and I love the moon cast shadows of the trees in a quiet lane as bright almost as daylight.
Fellow blogger 'Mermaid in the Attic' has posted a hauntingly beautiful and powerful song she has written about the Moon called 'La Luna' earlier today, do pop over and have a listen. It is perfectly evocative of that elusive presence I associate with the moon... very good!
Bye for now...


  1. Oh Carrie, this is gorgeous, you have to finish it because someone WILL want to publish it, it's too beautiful not to be! and thanks you for the link, AND the wonderful comments about my rather dodgy recording efforts (I AM having fun though, and that's the main thing!) And Sandy Denny?! Wow, just wow! If you find the name of that song, let me know!

  2. Carrie, what a beautiful drawing!
    I too saw the Moon last night - we were out walking the dog in a foggy, pearly haze...

  3. Your illustration has magic and mystery, I hope you see it completed one day or should I say before too many moons!

  4. Carrie keep the faith with your writing, if your storyline is as amazing as your artwork we are in for a treat :-)

  5. Thanks so much for your nice comments folks! Encouragement goes a long way, it really helps...
    I really do hope I can steal enough time this year to finish these book projects, then maybe see if I'm brave enough to send them out to some publishers... that seems a long way off and a lot of nerve away though!

  6. Hello Carrie,
    Lovely to find you too.
    Beautiful drawing.x


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