some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Friday, 9 September 2011

WIP - a long project nearing its end at last... well, nearly!

Images copyright of Carrie Osborne 2011

Well, I drew this painting out on my drawing board almost two weeks ago and have been struggling ever since to find the time and energy to start the first washes!
This was my first attempt at writing picture books for children - quite different to writing 'grown up' creative prose... and I've learned a lot from the process, from the raw thumbnails alongside my scribbled writings through finally to the fully illustrated pencil drawn dummy book.
I have been working on this 'dummy book' sporadically for what seems like frustratingly far too long, trying to snatch a few hours here and there to get it finished - all it needs now is three colour double page spreads to hopefully show its potential (should it be deemed to have any!)
It feels so close and yet so far - after running home from work for the school run, cooking kids tea and then rejoining poor hubby at work to hit tomorrows deadlines, we got home at 9pm for a late dinner... its hard to find the oomph when I only have evenings to paint!
Oh the joys of running your own business!

But no, I mustn't moan, especially at you folks who all keep me inspired out here!
It WILL be finished... and in the meantime I have another story buzzing about in my minds eye that I can't wait to start working on, and I think with all I have learned from the first it will be a better one too!There are also a couple of other half written attempts in notebooks that I may return to in time.... oh time, time, too fleet footed by far!

But anyway... sorry for the whinge, I want to keep my posts positive, so here's a link to some beautiful, beautiful pictures that I strayed upon on the web that will definately make you go ahhh... almost enough to make one broody! Take a look here at...
Add to Heart photography
Cute eh?

Hopefully see you soon with a completed painting!!!


  1. It looks WONDERFUL, I'm sure it has potential, absolutely sure. Good luck stealing working time, I'm in the same boat these days, and surrendered to doing lots of paperwork instead of painting. Oh well, someday I will be in the studio again.

  2. Your book looks to me like it has loads of potential! And reading your post made me feel better because I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that there are not enough hours in the day. Looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

  3. Beautiful drawings; looking forward to seeing the full colour versions. And dangerously broody-making images. I'm currently 'in talks' with my husband about demolishing our hard-won time to be creative by having a second baby. I'm all in favour :o).

  4. It's beautiful, Carrie! It is sometimes so hard to juggle everything, but you're managing to do amazing work in those golden scraps of creative time! I can't wait to see more and to hear the story.

  5. Not to worry - Think about what great things wind, water and waves can accomplish -- a little at a time.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement everyone, glad I'm not the only one juggling...!
    And WOL, thats very Zen, I'll remember that, I might even pin it up in my painting corner to remind me when I get frustrated, thanks! :)

  7. OOh this looks wonderful, i cant wait to see more. Well done for taking up such a project amongst all your other business! and thank you for the link, those photos, sighs, seems so long ago since my 3 were that size, bought tears to my eye. x


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