some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Friday, 18 November 2011

Caislean Oir..... A Contest of Beauties...

I've been giving some thought to Jackie Morris' recent post of 'A Contest of Beauties' - please do go and have a look at what its all about and see some of the links to beautiful things that are growing there...
I may post some more considered thoughts later if I can untangle what it is I would try to express about this, but lately having been focussed on the dark, turbulant and difficult, to be reminded and to take notice anew of all these things of beauty, and to think on what it is we perceive as beautiful has been good for me...
For now, because beauty to me in all its forms must provoke an emotional response or connection, a moving of the soul, a welling up of feeling, a filling up of the heart, I will share this song by Clannad which always stops me in my tracks... music is a great conduit to the soul...

(There is also a rough translation of the Gaelic in the comments just under the youtube clip which is lovely to understand as you listen to that beautiful language)


  1. Oh, W&W, that is my all-time, favorite song by Clannad, and practically my all time favorite song period. See:

  2. ps: thank you to so much for introducing me to Kathleen Raine, her poems are so deeply moving x

  3. Dear Carrie, I've passed along a "Liebster blog" award to you. You can take a look at my post if you'd like - no obligation!

    Lovely post, as always.

  4. Hi Carrie, just searching this site for your email address?? Is this it?
    Lovely to see you at Christmas, thank you for the Orchid - it survived the train journey to the west.

  5. PS, mine is

  6. Hi Kate, glad you and the orchid made it home safely, it was lovely to see you too and catch up! I will get your email from mum and send you ours... I haven't got one of my own so I use Tonys!
    See you soon, take care


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