some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Monday, 13 February 2012

A Giveaway Winner....... birthday cake and pirates!

Thankyou to all who entered my 100th post Giveaway... I loved all your answers to the question of flight - it has such a draw I think on the human psyche in general, thinking back to Icarus, Bladud, even Leonardo De'Vinci with his famous machines... then of course Freya with her cloak of feathers and so many more inter-twined paths of mythology.
I once had a very vivid dream, several years ago now, that I had shapeshifted into a Buzzard and felt such unbounded joy in the freedom of that flight, glorying in the wide open sky and the wind flowing over my feathered head and beneath the strength in my wings, lifting me beyond all troubles.
There is something in the cry of a Buzzard on the wind that always pulls at my soul, a kind of painful longing and yet wilderness savage joy...

There were only the five of you in the end which was a shame, though your words filled my mind with vivid images and that same feeling of the winds rushing past me and through me. I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this... (Do go and read them if you like over here!)
So, I rolled a dice....
.....and the winner is...... Kate of Kit and Kaboodle!

Here is her answer: 'I think I'd like to be a firefly. Light as air on a summer breeze, illuminating a magical forest landscape inhabited by fairies, goblins and trolls. '

Nice one Kate, just leave me a comment with your address (I won't publish) and your preference of either 'Thought' or 'Memory' and it shall be winging its way to you! Hurrah!

It has been a busy kind of a weekend as it happens... of course it was Elswyth's 5th Birthday today, though she had her party yesterday which was fantastic! An arty party with sticking and painting and clay modelling, the kids were all so good and really seemed to enjoy it.
So in fact she ended up having a kind of two-day birthday, with a cake on Sunday's party....

And another cake at Grandma and Gramp's today!

Lucky girl! And she is very pleased indeed with the new Ukelele we got her...

Elswyth and Grandma

Hopefully she'll take after her Dad who was gigging on the Saturday... she adores the lead singer Wendy and can't wait to have some Uke lessons with her!
Just for fun, heres a couple of videos we managed to get... its quite a new band, this was their 3rd gig, and they've started writing more and more of their own numbers now too... Elswyth's Dad is the one dressed as a pirate... oh hang on there... um... the pirate with the gold strat guitar then!
This ones a cover:(My feeble camera mic distorts the vocals somewhat... sorry about that)

And this one was done by the professional photographer - a lot sharper, less distorted.

Ahaarrr! Hope you enjoyed them...


  1. Congratulations Kate!

    (I had meant to add my two-bits, went away to think about an answer to your interesting question, but flew off elsewhere and didn't make it back in time. Typical of me!)

    Your new work is wonderful. All of it so full of magic and delight.

    And what a fabulous present for Elswyth! She's lucky to be growing up in such an artistic and musically talented family.

  2. Rocking out here as I leave a comment! Nice to hear some of the band. And look forward to knowing how Elswyth gets on with the uke... what fun!

  3. Congratulations Carrie on reaching your hundreth post and what a great prize you gave to the lucky winner. Another lucky birthday girl with two cakes and a musical future. I have visited before but now solved why I was not able to post a comment. Your Ravens are wonderful and love the sky, well done on all your lastest projects. millyx

  4. Carrie,

    Just to let you know the print arrived here safely in the week; I would have written sooner but we were away for a couple of days, thankfully we have a very obliging neighbour who took it in and kept it safe for me. It's absolutely stunning, as is the additional artwork you sent which was a lovely surprise! Thank you so much! We've a houseful here this weekend so I'll refrain from blogging about it until I have some time to do justice to your work, but I just wanted you to know it arrived safely and I absolutely LOVE IT!


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