some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Dragons and Raven Prophets....

Here's a very happy Easter Dragon for you by Elora age 7...
It seems the Easter bunny still managed to find us at our new house which is great because we love Easter Egg Hunts!

I hope you've all enjoyed a Happy Easter Day! Signs of Spring are gathering every day, the Blackthorn blossoms in the hedgerows are flowering, birds nesting, trees are budding new green leaves... will it be Ash or Oak this year I wonder?

Oak before Ash we're in for a splash,
Ash before Oak we're in for a soak!

Though with hose pipe bans already and hard cracked earth we could do with a soak even though the early sunshine has been lovely...

April Oaks and Ash

Here's a picture of the Badger tracks Elora found last week on one of our spring walks, if you look closely there seem to be big badger tracks and small badger tracks here going in different directions...

And finally the temptations that come of running your own gallery got the better of me this weekend with this wonderful creature, made by local Bath ceramicist David Craddock...
This particular sculpture came in to our shop just when I was in the midst of my Huginn & Munnin Raven series of paintings, and has been whispering to me to take him home ever since!

So home he came to keep watch over his Crystal Hoard and to gaze enigmatically out over the woods where the Buzzards roost....

I feel he needs a name but have a feeling he will choose his own when the time is right... meanwhile the shadow-rustle of dusky feathers and wry taunting croak of glitter-eyed prophets fill my imagination with omens and half-heard mythologies, a whisper of wingbeats in the half-light...


  1. Happy Easter Carrie, your egg hunt is bringing many smiles to the girls faces.
    I have been reading about your move and wishing you lots of happiness in your new home. The horse shoe was a great find, hope it brings luck. Moving from the home where you have so many memories is hard, I remember the feelings of leaving the house when my daughter was four and closing the door for the last time. It is exciting to make a home again with all your treasures and belongings.
    And a studio, perhaps it was meant to be, your new and exciting journey is just beginning.
    Loved your moon pictures, it has been glorious with such clear nights to see the two planets and the moon. Your walks are lovely to.

  2. Wonderful photos of the egg hunt, Carrie. It's so lovely to see children enjoying themselves out of doors!

    I hope you're all managing to settle into your new home; your ceramic bird is fabulous and appears to have made himself right at home there!

  3. Lovely egg hunt,we had one too!

  4. I think his name is Vörðr ("Werther") meaning "watcher, guardian” in Old Norse. (the "th" is pronounced like the "th" in "there") I'm not surprised he followed you home. I think your "genius loci" has just introduced himself. (In classical Roman religion a "genius loci" was the protective spirit of a place.)

    However, Scottish Gaelic for "crow" is "rocas." Gaelic for "raven" is "Fiach." Welsh for "raven" is "bran." "Hrokr" is Old Norse for "rook" or "crow." "Corbin" means "little raven" in Old French (he doesn't look little to me, though). "Gaagii" is "raven" in Navajo.

    1. Thanks for the fantastic names WOL! I like Vörðr and its meaning, perfect, though I've always loved the Gaelic language too... He does feel right in our new house, definately a Watcher and a Guardian. He's sitting near to our huge woodcut print of 'Rebel of Ravens' by Julia Manning that we got last year...


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