some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Sunday, 4 November 2012

'The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones'

I believe I am long overdue to catch up with all you good folks... there's been so much I've meant to post about but time just flows inexorably away, so I think I'll do a few catch up posts to get back into my stride...!

 Halloween night was particularly exciting this year because it saw the premier of the book trailer for my brother-in-law Jack Wolf's debut novel 'The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones' at The Prince Charles Cinema in London as part of Waterstone's event with Audrey Niffenegger and Erin Morgenstern!
We couldn't make it to London for this event but I am so looking forward to the official Book Launch in December...
Here is the brilliant trailer:

And you can hear Jack reading an excerpt from the novel here along with an interview about the writing process and ideas behind the book... really excellent, especially to hear the story in the author's own voice. Its on sale this January if you like what you hear! You can pre-order it here!
 And it so happens that I've been credited for taking the author's photo of Jack on the back sleeve of the book - there's my small involvement! I am so pleased for Jack!

I will return soon with some tales of autumn, but this morning we awoke to an unexpected early breath of winter...

 It was coming down really quite heavily in the morning, but lasted just the day as the sun came out and melted it all away by teatime.

 When we went for a walk across the white fields, the hedgerows had their feet in running steaming streams and our  'Badger lane' was a dripping tunnel with waterfalls cutting right across it...

 And what better to come in from the snow and the wet and settle into a cosy sunday afternoon around the fire...

 Back soon....


  1. Hi... snow!! You beat us this year... last year we had two feet on Halloween... not a flake in the forecast here.

    Cool about your brother-in-law... !

  2. Love the trailer! I've got the book on my shelf waiting to be read; I need to clear out my to be read pile a little more before I can make a start on it though :)


  3. Congratulations to your brother in law! Looks wonderful. I've put it on my wish list.
    Your snow and fire photos are magical. Lovely place to huddle when winter stalks and howls.

  4. Definitely my kind of book if the lovely trailer is anything to go by. I shall definitely be adding it to my list of things to read. We didn't get any snow in Hampshire....I feel quite deprived looking at your photos!

  5. I wish you'd email me a bigger copy of that second picture (The one with the snow-covered trees in the snow-covered field). I would like to put it in my wallpaper program so I can look at it. I also think I might commit some poetry on it too. . . .

    1. Of course WOL no problem... would love to see what words you put with it, I love your poems! Just send me your email on a comment (I won't publish) and I'll send it to you :)


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