some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Small Stones.... fragments and thoughts, wingbeats in sun...

Shining Crows


Like facets of anthracite
                      in the wind-bladed light,

Mobbing a Prince of the Air
                      with relentless irreverence.

Words by Carrie - February 2013

I have been thinking for a while now as a bit of a prompt or a discipline of sorts, to properly stick to a regular 'Small Stone' post, maybe at least once a week, both to keep the writing part of my mind open and fluid, and to try to make more frequent visits to my poor neglected blog!
A 'small stone' as I'm sure many of you are familiar with, is like a moment of distilled perception, a fragment, the words or thoughts that fall into your mind when you truly look or feel and respond to the world in its unfolding, in a moment in time.

This is very much the way I have always written anyway, before I ever heard the term 'small stone' and it suits me well. I used to never be without a notebook and pencil or scrap of paper wherever I went. A thought or a fleeting observation would scrawl its way into my notebooks in fragments. Sometimes that small fragment would spark on into another one and then open a meandering trail that might lead into a story. Sometimes I would gather various fragments up like pieces of a puzzle and discover the thread to bind them together into something other with a life of its own.
My most recent two stories for children that I have written were each sparked from a single small stone, a phrase or two that sparked an entire wild journey of words and images - one maybe a little flintier than the other! 
I love the unexpected leaps and turnings these moments of absorbed perception can take, and often love the fragments alone just for the shape and sound of their words.

This one arrived as I was watching a magnificent young Buzzard in the field beside our house, utterly confounded and grounded for all his broad brindled strength, by a pair of very bold derisive crows.
They would not let him be, every time he tried to take wing they would dive down and harry him relentlessly. He was outdone! He was forced to remain grounded for a good half hour or so in our field which gave me a rare good view of him... Eventually with expansive evasive manouvering he managed to flee to the woods hotly pursued by his jeering tormentors!

So, the first stone posted - I will endeavour to add another each week, and if I'm feeling really pro-active I might even start up a 'sketch-a-day' exercise and fill up those sketchbooks too!


  1. That sounds good, we'll get to see you more!

    1. I hope so, time is like a fast flowing river tumbling me along, just need to keep my eyes and ears and heart wide open along the way...

  2. I enjoy crows so much. I know they can be pests, but they are just so amusing. Coincidentally, I am busily painting crows too, for an illustration project. Your blog is gorgeous!

    1. Thankyou Grace,I'm glad you popped by and liked what you saw!I had a quick hop over to your blog which looks great - I will enjoy reading back through some of your posts and beautiful artwork :)

    2. So glad you enjoyed it! I'm really enjoying your blog as well.

  3. Small stones are also a good discipline for a writer to learn to encapsulate thoughts in a few, well-chosen words.


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