some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter Day wanderings in the woods under broad blue skies...

 It has been a thoughtful and sad two weeks, a bittersweet beginning to a cold bright spring and an ending too as we wait to say goodbye later this week to a good friend who lost his long battle with cancer on the spring equinox. I will say more words about our friend, an artist and a truly radiant man, in another post after we have said our goodbyes on friday, and show you some of the wonderful things he painted.

For now I will share with you some pictures of a bright Easter Day walk in the woods, bitter cold but with the earthy scent of green and growing things waking in the sun.

 With Grandma and Grampy under the broad blue sky...

A very mischievous Easter Bunny here...!

 Leading Grampy along winding fox trails...

Happy children in the sunshine...

 I'll leave you with the hares seeking skyward over my hearth... Hope you all had a bright Easter and blue skies to bring in the spring. I'm looking forward to the greening of the woods...


  1. What a wonderful looking Easter day. And now I'm craving some chocolate after seeing the little, wrapped eggs in the nest!

    Oh... so many people I know right now are dealing with cancer. So sorry, Carrie. Its been 6 months since my Mom died... still so raw. Wishing you all - and your friend's family - a meaningful goodbye on Friday.

  2. Looks like a lovely time was had by all, Carrie! Sorry though, that your Easter has been tinged with sadness and loss. Kate x

  3. What adorable little girls! Do you live in England? It looks so picturesque.


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