some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Some more life and Open Studios...

I actually made it to another life drawing session this week! Arrived totally stressed and flustered after a week of dashing around between children and work - had overslept, mad rush to get the children washed, dressed, breakfasted, two lunch boxes packed, them sneak in late to the classroom with one, drop the other one off at pre-school, then dash straight into town for the life class without even so much as a cuppa!
So actually, feeling like I'd only be able to produce frustrated scribbles at best, I was reasonably pleased with this one. It was a 30 minute pose in charcoal pencil again.
I really should branch out and use different mediums, but I do love using the charcoal for life drawing - it seems to suit me. My favourite pencil is only 2 inches long now though!

Here is the other one from this session that I quite liked - a 5 minute pose.
The studio that I go to for these sessions is taking part in the Frome Festival Open Studios, so we've all been asked to show some work. There are some fantastically good artists in the group - some are painters, some sculptors, some ceramicists... I'm probebly one of the youngest and feel quite embarrassed about showing my rough sketches next to some of their work (especially having not exhibited work before - not counting my own shop!)
Still it should be a good bridge to cross, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work all displayed together with all our very different styles and ways of working.
If anyone's in Somerset you can find out about all the Open Studios at


  1. Well done for managing to produce such good work on the back of a very stressful day. I'd love to do life drawing again, if I can find somewhere local.

    As an illustrator, I draw all day, but the nature of the work, having to work to a certain style and within a tight brief, means that sketching something for ME is a great release. (It can be a few sketches before I manage to wrestle myself out of 'work' mode too! LOL!)

  2. There's dedication for you! Your drawings are very good, you capture the model very well. It's good to have the discipline of a class, that way you can focus all your attention on drawing and you get the support of the other members.

  3. Thanks for your nice comments Sue and Acornmoon!
    Yes, I've been desperately clinging on to my life drawing sessions as the only bit of 'me' time lately, just to remind myself that my artistic aspirations have not been completely buried by work!
    And yes again, going out to a class is the best way of making sure of getting that time - with all the best intentions, evening artwork rarely happens at all at the moment! So glad to have found this group...

  4. Hi Carrie, I see you too love twisty-twiney trees! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I enjoyed painting that last cat so much I've started another! Your illustrations are absolutely gorgeous,xx

  5. I love that second sketch! I miss life drawing - it's been years since I had time to go to a class.

  6. Love your life drawing carrie, you shouldn't be embarrassed! i specially used to love doing the 5 min sketches, should love to get to do some more one day.


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