some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Shadowplay and painted skies....

Finally I've managed to put a post together after a bit of an absense! And hopefully a way back into creative things will follow... I am missing my art and writing.

Work has taken over somewhat these last few weeks and left little time for much else, especially with me and my husband taking it in turns to be ill whilst trying to keep the shop going and keep bouncy children happy too... there has been some catching up to do!
So anyway, I took these pictures last week or so of my youngest Elswyth playing with pegs and string behind a sunlit sheet (the latest den!) The sheet was in constant gentle motion in the breeze, peaceful with the careful gestures of the deeply engrossed little person hidden behind...

It's the first time in what feels like a while that an image has leapt out and inspired me - its like a bolt through mind and body that makes you leap up with the compulsion to record it somehow in some way... Though this arose by chance, I think I'd like to try and set something like this up again, maybe with grasses, clearer profiles of the children etc... Yet in many ways it was the unconscious absorbtion in play that I liked observed in this way, a moment in time, and in childhood... a memory... a feeling... uncontrived.

I have lots of things waiting to be posted about and hopefully soon, but for now I will leave you with some pictures of a stunning sunset from my lovely sky-filled west window the other evening. The sky really looked painted, in broad watercolour washes. It reminded me to take the time to look and truly observe, everyday.....


  1. I absolutely adore your shadow photos Carrie and love how your daughter seems so absorbed by what she's doing, completely in a world of her own behind the screen. I really do think you should do more, particularly whilst your children are still young and perhaps a little less self concious than they'll eventually become about such things. Photos like these are a wonderful means of capturing that hidden world that seems to dissipate once we reach adulthood.
    Kate :-)

  2. The photos of your daughter behind the sheet are so beautiful! really, really lovely!

  3. Thankyou both for your nice words... I do love these pictures, I would really like to get one of both my daughters playing together - would be a lovely memory to look back on in later days I think...


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