some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Friday, 3 June 2011

Woodsmoke and whisky, faces in the fire...

Tonight we lit our first Firebowl of the Summer, something I always really look forward to... Fragrant woodsmoke drifting into a pale turquoise sky, the forlorn distant cry of the Peacock who lives in the valley, and the black silhoetted leaves of our Whitebeam that this particular twilight held the faintest wisp pale edge of the newborn Moon between a leafen forefinger and thumb.

How many vaporous faces do you see here in the wreathing smoke? And how many glinting eyes?

We usually sit quietly sipping malt whisky listening to the night sounds unfold as the sky deepens, much like this post of last Summer...

But tonight our eldest daughter joined us for an impromptu exciting late night, so there was much chatting about fires and foxes and not much listening to night sounds! It was lovely to share the fire with her and a shame little sister missed it, tucked up fast asleep indoors exhausted by a busy day of painting and paddling pools!

I was astounded at the pictures my hybrid camera managed... I still haven't learnt how to use it properly, but the more I zoomed in the more abstract and dramatic the images became.

I think many more summer nights of fires and friends must follow...


  1. What fun to share a fire with your daughter.... and what amazing faces in the fire - and eyes... ! Digital cameras really are amazing, love what you did with it. Its cold enough here that I had a fire in my wood stove last night! Needed to take the chill off. I could again tonight. Unusual. Waiting for warmth - happy June!

  2. I LOVE sitting around a fire, there's something magic about it, but it's such a rare treat for us! Can't light any kind of a fire in the peacefulness of the bush in summer, just too risky, and even in suburbia I'm not sure whether it would be acceptable. I'm hoping to get a little outdoor brazier for our garden paved area out the back, but it would be chilly now that winter has come. Perhaps for spring!

  3. Of course, tinder dry in your neck of the woods Christina... though in fact we had such an unusually warm, dry April this year we actually had a few small forest and brushland fires over here! Its quite likely to be followed with a typically British wet,wet summer I expect...


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