some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Of Twilight ramblings and Mood Demons...

Well, for the first time in a long time I had an afternoon to myself while the children were at Grandma & Gramps, but I just couldn't focus on producing any artwork - frustrating. All I managed was this rather half hearted sketch which grew onto the page as a manifestation of my mood!
However, restless as I was today, there was so much stunning imagery around to soak in and store up... Looking up into the blue, blue space between apple leaves and willow leaves reaching towards each other, sunlit leaves and bluest blue sky, there were drifts of willow catkin seeds, small thistledown travellers upon the softest breeze. Now and then the bright Swallow flash of ink blue wings and white throat cut across the flawless window of azure, birdsong everywhere...

And last night we sat out through all the slow changes of twilight till midnight around the fire bowl in the night hushed garden drinking Talisker... So it has been words and not images that have come to me these past days... As we watched and listened to the unravelling dusk I scrawled down the raw thoughts as they unfolded with the changing moments... By no means 'poetry' or any kind of wordcraft, here are a few disjointed lines of night thoughts...

The birds sang the day in, now they sing the day out...
I sit in the woody fragrance of the twilit fire
and hear the birds calling their roosting songs,
back and forth
across the moth-misted meadow...

Bats flicker low over cow parsley glowing
star-pale in the diminishing light.
The fragile rose colours have faded beyond the Sky's edge...
The sky deepens again
from duck-egg frailty
to a sonorous depth of blue.
Venus burns, bright metal cold
between black leaves.
A half moon shimers
beyond the rising smoke haze...

A fox barks out
again and again
far drifting across the night meadow
blood curdled shriek piercing the hush of gathering darkness.
No owls call yet tonight
their absence is a gap in the night's rhythm...
Finally, 10:50 pm
We hear the first scolding Toowhitt - Toowhitt
brisk and sudden...

The circle of firelight
becomes intimate, close
the world retreating into darkness beyond.
A lone screech rises up out of the valley,
a peacock's ragged pride
eerie with imagined grief.

A nail in charred wood
trails vivid turquoise
tendrils of flame...

I hope my twilight ramblings haven't been too tiresome! But it was a beautiful soft evening and there's nothing so soothing as listening the night sounds unfold around a quiet fire as the light changes...!
So anyway, after my somewhat restless day that followed such a peaceful night, I cheered myself up by gathering some flowers from my garden to remind me of moths, twilight, and the arrival of glorious summer! I will share them with you too...

(p.s. Castell Henllys is not forgotten, an Iron Age post is on its way...!)


  1. Thanks for sharing your fire with us! Sounds like a lovely evening... wondering what Talisker is? And lovely flowers... my garden is just about to bloom in earnest, slow coming springs in the hills of Massachusetts!

  2. your drawing is wonderfully telling of your mood, you are talented to be able to sketch a mood! Thanks for sharing your twilight, I put myself there and enjoyed it very much. Such lovely flowers too.

  3. I'm so looking forward to your Iron Age blog - hillforts are a passion of mine! If you're ever in the Malvern vicinity I'd highly recommend British Camp and the lesser known Midsummer Hill, just off Castlemorton Common, a truly magical place to watch the sun go down on :-)

  4. dear carrie, those are beautiful words indeed, i can almost feel i am sitting there watching & listening to the night fall ( a thing we love to do. Isn't it just so frustrating when u have space to be creative & it just wont come!!! but i do like the wee creature you sketched, he looks mischevious indeed. thank you for your lovely wishes on my blog, yes our wee miracle is now 2lb, so precious. have a wonderful weekend x

  5. Thanks everyone for all your nice comments...
    I'm glad you liked my random scribblings!
    There's nothing nicer than watching the light change around a fire... though last summer with friends around the fire bowl we nattered so late we ended up watching the sky lighten instead of darken!
    Oh... and Valerianna, Talisker is one of my very favourite single malt whiskeys - the only one from the Isle of Skye... It's oh so very nice, I do recommend it!

  6. How lovely to have a glimpse of your summer evening!

  7. Seu blog é muito interessante. Colorido,encantador.


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