some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Life drawing, spring sunshine and sleeping Trolls...

Well, this weeks life drawing didn't get off to a great start when I arrived late and missed all the 2 minute warm ups! So I didn't quite settle into it and still feel like I haven't quite got my hand in again with it yet...

She was a great model and did some lovely poses, but I couldn't quite do her justice this week...
Still, its nice to be doing life drawing again regardless of the results!

I seem to be posting a lot of walks so far, but the warm spring weather seems such a treat after the long winter, it's hard to resist!
When I walked this way in March I heard an owl call unexpectantly in the wood at noon, flute-like, soft through trees still bare limbed. Today we heard woodpeckers rat-tatatating, and constant birdsong - caws and croaks, flutes and chittiks, many layered melodies of lilting laughter...
The woods are wakening, buds greening, even butterflies today. I should know the name of this plant but it has slipped my mind for now!

We followed deer slots all through the woods, me, Red Riding Hood and a black witch's cat...

Then back home again over the Troll's bridge, quickly before our wellies woke him to scold at the sun!

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  1. Lovely photographs of your walk and the gorgeous butterfly. I saw my first butterfly today, lots of big bees waking up and we have a hedgehog in the garden most nights.Signs it is warming up.
    Thank you for your comment, maybe one day I will have a book, you can have yours signed. I did have some of my drawings in Country Living magazine a while back. Glad you like them.


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