some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky

This is an amazing film that I was first introduced to at Foundation Art college... One of the tutors - Jackie Harding, came into the studio and said to us all, ' You have to come and watch this film, it will change your life...'

It is not light watching by any means but it is quite profound and the artisitic sequences are incredible, dark, edgy, atmospheric, disturbing... with a deep metaphoric philosophy.

As I understood it, it was the meeting or conflict of science and art, creation and destruction in the 'Zone', a place where the human soul is laid bare. It is deeply compelling, and the cinematic direction is genius...

I last saw this almost 15 years ago and yet every so often something will bring it back up from my sub-concious... So, last night I was watching a DVD of Rush in concert (I am a massive Rush fan!) and there's one or two of their songs that have a feeling about them reminscent to me anyway, of Stalker - edgy, slightly anguished... (for any Rush fans out there I'm talking about 'Subdivisions' 'Distant Early Warning' and 'Red Sector A')

It made me think it really is about time I watched this film again so I think I'll have to go and buy it! 'Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky' I really do recommend it...

Here is a particularly good clip...


  1. Hi Carrie
    Thanks for commenting on my blog :)
    Your work is lovely and your blog too!
    I've never seen this film. I shall have to look out for it.
    Best Wishes

  2. Hello Carrie, thanks so much for this, I hadn't heard of it at all and will hunt it out now :)
    It looks great!
    A lovely blog you have here by the way :)

  3. Hi Karen, Hi Rima!
    Thanks for your comments!
    Stalker is one of those films that you just have to watch at some point in your life... I hope you get a chance to see it.
    He made a few other films in the 1970's which I must seek out. The only other Tarkovsky I have seen is 'The Mirror' which is equally strange and compelling...
    And Rima thanks so much for becoming a follower, I am most chuffed! Especially since I admire your work and your blog so much... Greatly appreciated!
    Best wishes to you both


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