some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Thursday, 6 May 2010

A May blossom birthday!

Apple blossom and Whitebeam buds opening
The first of May is my eldest daughter's birthday. When she was born the first thing I noticed out of the hospital garden window was the blossom on the apple trees in full flower and every year in our own garden the apple tree blossoms on her birthday.
My second daughter was born when the first snowdrops emerged on the bank at the end of winter, so each has her own special birthday flower!

This year Elora was six, and had a 'Robin Hood ' party, and although its not technically about art or writing, I thought it would be fun to post about it! (And I have only just recovered enough to get around to it!) I hope you'll forgive me the indulgence!

We had lots of fun... first the children decorated foamboard swords and shields (that took hours to cut out and minutes to destroy in wild sword fights!) I have got some fantastic pictures of the wild sword fights and other games but can't really show them without permission from the parents, so here is Elswyth in front of the fantastic huge bell tent we borrowed...

Then, after the battle we set forth on a treasure hunt which had the kids dashing wildly to every nook of the garden, climbing trees and searching in cooking pots!

Next, to my husband's lasting humilation and the kid's glee, he had to dress up as Prince John and become the next game - the children had to sneak up while he dozed off and freeze when he woke until they managed to steal a bag of gold coins (chocolate ones!) Again I had great pics of this but can't really show them without permission. The kids really enjoyed this one and Tony ended up getting chased by hoards of small children wielding foam swords!

And the last activity before the grand banquet was of course an archery contest... First I showed them my beloved longbow and let them try to pull it before demonstrating a few shots... Then it was their turn, except with Elora's new child sized bow (only 10lb draw as opposed to my 36lb - yes I am a weed!) In the end despite the boys' inevitable overconfidence, the contest was won by one of the youngest - a dainty maiden of 3 years old!

I'll leave you with a picture of the cake! My mum takes the credit - cooking is really not my thing at all! Thanks for reading and sharing in the fun!


  1. Hi Carrie - how sweet! No, this post is not about art or writing... but it IS lovely just the same... I'm ready to pack my bags and come for the next wee one's party... especially if the longbow comes out again!
    Many blessings,

  2. I agree with Valerianna, it's a lovely post and makes me wish that as grown ups we could indulge in similar parties ourselves!

    Kate :-)

  3. Oh, this brought back such wonderful memories of when my kids were little. We would have a Mid-Summer's Eve Feast every June in our back yard and all of the neighboring kids(all 60 of them!) and their parents would come dressed in medieval garb. We would spend weeks sewing so that every kid had a costume. Many fairies and elves and princesses and princes. The families all made banners representing their families and we hung them on the fence. Great fun.
    The smiles on your children's faces are proof that you throw a great party.

  4. What a great post! Now that my own kids are in their teens & nearly beyond, I find I get all wistful over days like your girls had...who knows but what they might enjoy a dress-up day now and again, though;-) Everything looks absolutely magical.

  5. What a wonderful pary, i love the whole idea of it all, those costumes are gorgeous, and it looks as though every one else had such fun too. (I do so hope to have a try at archery one day.)

  6. What a brilliant idea for a party, they obviously had so much fun (and looks like Dad did as well!) I did archery at school and loved it, because it fitted in perfectly with my romantic, medieval imaginings, and because it was about the only sport I was any good at!


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