some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wild Wales and treasures from the sea...

We've just been to Wales, North Pembrokeshire for a long weekend break, probebly the closest thing we'll be getting to a holiday for some time! Wales is our favourite place to go, full of wild green ferny places and wild rocky sky-torn places...
I won't bore you all with endless holiday pics, but I will share with you some of our treasure we found on Newport Sands...

The children had a fantastic time exploring all the beaches we could fit into three days... Newport Sands, Ceibwr Bay, Poppet Sands, White Sands... There were some great rockpools to explore and paddle in! Both girls ended up in the sea up to their waists with all their clothes on one day!These are from Poppet Sands with lovely quartz marbled rocks...

We also visited the Iron Age Hillfort of Castell Henllys again - I like to try and go there whenever I'm in that part of Wales and travel back in time, it is such a lovely place and it deserves a post all to itself which I will do very soon! Ceibwr Bay was also so beautiful that I will do another post for that too...

On our way home we popped by to visit children's author and illustrator Jackie Morris whom I'm sure many of you already know of through her blogs here and here... As ever she was very generous and welcoming and let us nose around her wonderful studio and peep into sketchbooks! The children had brought some treats for the Ginger Clan and were in dog and cat heaven! Elora had also brought her latest book to show Jackie that just happens to have ginger cats in! Here's a couple of pages, they made me smile...

There you go, I haven't got any of my own illustrations to show right now so Elora's fill in nicely!

I'll be back soon with some pictures from the iron age!


  1. Love Elora's book! Most especially the owl picture... GREAT!

  2. Such wonderful treasures... the ones from the sea and the beautiful Elora`s drawings!

  3. I adore the expression on the cat's face when the owl drops him! What a talent she has there, and only 6, wow!

  4. Glad you all like Elora's book!
    Yes the cat's expressions are fantastic aren't they! Can't help a bit of motherly pride!


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