some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Blogrott the Blog Ogre...

Just a quick post today to see if anyone can help me sort out a bit of a blogger glitch! And I have just decided - I'm going to call this fine fellow 'Blogrott' seems to suit him!

Anyway, it seems that for some reason the third (right hand) column of my blog with my profile, archive, followers, blog roll, etc... has gone awol - but only on the main page. If you are on any of the added portfolio pages its all back again. I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone - it's all working fine from my home or work computers...
It seems to have started a few posts back when a couple of people kindly let me know that they couldn't see the 'Shadowplay' post. Although some people evidently could and left comments.
I've tried editing and re-publishing to no avail, and re-saved the gadgets in my right hand column but I am a bit baffled.
I'm wondering - can anyone out there see the right hand column or is that random too? And does anyone have any tips for fixing it??
Sorry for a bit of a boring post! Will be back soon (and hopefully so will my missing column!)...
(And don't mind old Blogrott, he's pretty harmless really!!)


  1. HI Carrie, still no right column until I go to post a comment... then all's there. Don;t have any answers, though you can email the help/chat thing.
    Good luck, I lost my follower icons for a bit yesterday, but it came back. Its all so weird!

    Blogrott is a character that fits right in with a whacky story I am listening to on my long commute right now - "The Witch Boy" I guess its a sequel to something I think called "Wicked" and it starts from where the Wizard of Oz left off. Anyway, all kinds of strange characters in the book, including the scarecrow and the witch's right hand monkey... anyway,
    Blogrott would fit right in!

  2. Well, it all looks fine from here, Carrie! I know what you mean, it's such a pain. My Followers box (and everyone else's, for me) are AWOL most of the time, they tend to magically reappear late at night, so if I want to check out any new followers, or join any blogs, I have a small window of opportunity sometime after 9:30 -10pm at night! Very weird!

  3. I am seeing three columns, maybe it is taking longer to load and faster computers show it more quickly?

    Blogrott looks amiable in a quirky sort of way.

  4. I just checked back and see that if I click on the most recent post from my dashboard, then all the columns are here, if I click on your blog name, its missing the right side. Not that this is helpful, but that's what I see....

    Happy September!

  5. Thanks for the feedback folks...
    Not quite sure what I'll do about it yet, all seems a bit random! But good to have an idea of what's going on... even if I don't know what's going on!!


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