some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Some old work - not quite children's illustration! And a grumpy Orc shoot...

'The Wyrdteller's death rites' (painted 1998 I think)

While digging out some old celtica pieces to add to my new pages I discovered some long forgotten old folders full of reams and reams of old illustrations from about twelve or so years back.
Of course I didn't think of them as illustrations then, I was just messing around for the fun of it with odd bits of stories and characters - the compositions and the life drawing are all a bit dodgy the say the least! Here are a few from right at the beginning of it, long before I ever thought about children's illustration as you can probebly see from the subject matter!
These were quite small - 6"x4"

'A wolf curse' (probebly 1998 or 1999)

'The Healer' 1998 or 99

'Awakening the Lich' 1998 0r 99

There are so many odd paintings, sketches, character studies ( and probebly a whole heap more buried at the back of a cupboard somewhere) I might post a few more up over the next few days just for nostalgia's sake! Not sure what you'll all make of them! (And I hope I've improved since then!)

On another note, my Robin Hood obcessed six year old did a spot of grumpy Orc shooting this evening...

She got him right between the eyes!

And evidently thought that was very funny!


  1. Intense! I like the first one a lot... the background wash is interesting in contrast to the figures - like the dying woman with tattoos, too.

    And, the last photo of your orc slayer is great!

  2. Thanks Valerianna, I'm a bit embarrassed about posting these old ones! Bit of fun though...
    Elora's getting to be quite a good shot - we won't have to worry about marauding orcs in our garden! :)
    (Just wondering by the way, can you see the rest of my blog yet or is it still awol?)

  3. Ok, its weird... I can see everything if I click on this post from my dashboard. If I click on home from here, the right side bar is not visible. I still can't see the shadowplay post no matter where I click from.... ??

    Strange blogging quirks.

    Glad you are protected from marauding orcs!

  4. CArrie, its lovely to see some of your old works, fantastic. Its odd looking back at work isn't it, you always see it in a new light. The new gallery sections are a fab idea. I especially love the celtica stuff. I was so lucky to get to see the john duncan works, the detail is incredible, i hadn't expected the painting to be so big! and love his 'Riders of the Sidhe'. ps love the expression on the face of your wee goblin hunter, what a sweetie x


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