some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Monday, 6 December 2010

Aladdin's cave - a tale of ritual humilation! And one commission down, three to go!

This belongs on the business blog really but while I'm waiting for the press photo for that post I thought I'd show you here as well what we got roped into last friday night by the Chambers of Commerce folk!
Twas a bit of fun, though I still can't quite believe how, painfully self concious as I am, we ended up taking part in a very public parade down the High Street lined with hundreds of people for the Christmas Lantern Fayre!
Basically a fair few of the traders, ourselves included were taking part in a competition where the public had to visit all our shops and guess which pantomime we were representing buy our costumes and window displays. Considering how bitterly cold it was that week I think we got the short straw by being given Aladdin! I think my husband turned blue just from the parade down the high Street!
I thought I'd show you a few shots of our Aladdin's cave window which I was quite proud of actually!

Other news is that I've finally finished the first of my christmas commissions and I'm actually quite pleased with it... I'm meeting the clients on wednesday to show them and I always find that really nerve wracking! I do hope they like it! Fingers crossed!
Hopefully I'll be able to show you soon if they agree to me posting it, though because its a christmas prezzie it might have to wait till after the day...!
Commission number two begins tomorrow!


  1. Dressing up and being ritually humiliation is obligatory this time of year surely, but you both look fabulous Carrie and your window is sumptuously, well....gorgeous obviously! So, so pretty! Hopefully it's encouraging people in?

    As for your commission, is this the one with the unicorn? I'm crossing my toes as I type that they'll let you upload it so we can take a peek!

  2. Hey Carrie you two folk look fab in your guise and peeking through your window what a wondrous display, a feast for many little folks eyes!
    looking forward to seeing your commission :-)

  3. heehee, you both look great!

    and WOW, your window display looks amazing! Well done you :) Hope the commissions are going well x

  4. Carrie, it was so worth it! You both look perfectly the part, well done. Your window is one to be proud of, beautiful, i have just been to marrakesh with my girls and for a moment thought i was back in the old souks! Magical. So glad you enjoyed it x Well doen too, on getting a commission finished, always a great feeling.


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