some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ghosts of trees, ghosts of birds...

It was an unearthly world we awoke to this morning, petrified trees ghosting from a pale freezing fog, crystal rimed and ice-stricken. A spectral land of mists, silent with no birds flying but one, a lone crow-shadow like a shrouded spirit across my path.
There were so many beautiful ghostly pictures I wanted to take as I drove to work through the wooded lanes, but there always seemed to be someone behind me so I couldn't stop, and we live more or less in the middle of nowhere!
Here's a few shots of the incredibly thick hoar frost...

And it didn't thaw all day, this is the first one again this evening! It has an unearthly beauty but it does nake for treacherous driving, especially out in the lanes... so if you're out driving about, do take care! And keep warm!


  1. Carrie, I loved your photographs, the rose hips with the spikey shapes....magical. The trees look do look ghostly. And of course oak leaves always look so beautiful whatever time of year or colour they happen to be.
    We have frost inside our bedroom windows! It is so pretty but as you say country lanes are treacherous. You look colder than us, take care driving. Really enjoyed seeing your frosty pictures. milly

  2. Stunningly beautiful photographs!

  3. Beautiful beautiful , Ditto this end Carrie, Today was so weird one minute it was as in you pictures all frosted and crystal rimmed, love that expression shall borrow that! next minute it all had vanished and the greens and browns coloured landscape again, The invisible warm wind had cast its magic. :-)

  4. Beautiful, i never tire of looking out at this frozen landscape & the amazing patterns & structures. Keep warm x


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