some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Last chance to enter my Giveaway! And last night's life session, more ink than I bargained for... !

30 minute pose, ink, gouache and water.

Last weeks life session was cancelled due to low numbers, so I was relieved that this weeks went ahead, actually a very full studio with several new faces which is very promising...
I enjoyed using the ink and dip pen so much last time that I thought I'd give it another go... however I got to the studio to find I'd left my ink at home. Helen, the lovely lady who runs the studios kindly lent me some chinese ink which I found behaved totally differently to the indian ink I had just gotten used to!
Anyway, although it felt more hit and miss than my last attempts I really enjoyed scratching away on my offcuts of mountboard snaffled from work, and threw in a bit of white gouache as well.
Here's the rest of what I scraped out last night...

5 minute pose

5 minute pose

This (above) was supposed to be a 7 minute pose that was going quite well, but then quite amusingly my dip pen nib fell out - PLOP into my pot of ink! I had to fish around for it getting covered in ink in the process. By the time I sorted out the mess the pose was over...

7 minute pose

And the final 30 minute pose which I quite like I think, the ink lines are reasonably clean anyway. At the moment getting used to the new medium my attention to measuring has gone a bit to the wayside... but that's ok for now, as I get more familiar with it the accuarcy will get better and at the moment I'm more interested in the energy of the drawings.
It's funny how different mediums have such wildly different effects on your drawing style... I feel with the ink I want to draw fast with deep bold energetic strokes, hence the lack of careful measuring, but I like it!
Those of you who draw, I'd be interested to hear whether your own drawing style or approach changes depending on the medium used...

And don't forget if you'd like to enter my 'Blog-Birthday-Giveaway' to win an original Kells inspired watercolour illustration, just leave a comment on my previous post here...
I will be drawing the names out of the hat as it were tomorrow evening, so get in there quick!

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  1. Beautiful sketches, Carrie. How good, after last week's disappointment, to see a full house at the class.


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