some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Sunday, 15 May 2011

For baby Leo... and some quirky creations...

Here's a little painting for a little baby boy called Leo obviously! As you can see from the date of birth it has taken me a while to get around to it, but hopefully his Mum and Dad will like it... it will be a surprise present for them and a good excuse to go visiting for a cuddle!
Here's some close ups... I left my camera at work so had to resort to my somewhat dodgy scanner!

I have another one to do for some more friends who recently had a gorgeous little baby girl, so the sooner I get my brushes out the sooner I can go cuddling!

And now, especially for Kate of Kit and Kaboodle, heres a collection of quirky creatures as made by my daughter Elora when aged 6...
You may spot a two-tailed fox, a Nessie and a battle droid (from Star Wars) all her own patterns and stitches...

And of course the famous Pteradactyl! Hehehehe...


  1. Great stuff! Love the animals, such talented little one you have!

  2. What a beautiful painting and thoughtful gift! Well worth any wait.
    And such clever and fun creatures: Elora is one talented girl! (Her stitching at 6 is better than mine now.)

  3. Leo's painting is simply gorgeous, but I'm totally smitten with Elora's creations! What a fabulous thing to be able to design and create such wonderous beings at such a young age. I think maybe you've got a skilled needlewoman in the making there Carrie; does she take commissions yet?! :-D

  4. Beautiful Carrie! I love Elora's creations, my girls have been having fun sewing too!

  5. I think Leo will have something beautiful to treasure, it is lovely Carrie. Of course the acorns are my favourite bit.
    Just read about Wales, great photographs of the castle.

  6. What a beautiful keepsake to frame and treasure for Leo. Very special. x

  7. Loving the painting Carrie, and Elora has a talent there,a seamstress in the making!


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