some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kites flying and flying kites...

Here's another little Kells inspired bird I painted while we were in Wales the other week, though I have it in mind to try stylising a Red Kite into one of these.
The first Red Kite I ever saw was on a little mountain road the first time we went to Wales several years ago. It swooped up on a thermal so close from behind a dry stone wall right beside us in the car... I've been in love with them ever since and always associate them with the rocky green wildness of Wales. This last time I was really pleased that we saw seven Red Kites on separate occassions along the coastal roads, all their lovely markings underlit by the sun and that splendid V-shaped tail. I have a love for birds of prey in general but the Kite really is magnificent!

And so, I know its a poor link... but it was my eldest daughter's Seventh Birthday today! How time flies, it really does!
We always seem to end up flying our kites after all the party guests have gone home on the first of May in the big field across the lane by our house, and today Elora flew hers all by herself for the first time - hooray for being seven!

Even little sister gave it a fair shot bless her, with a little help from Grandma!

Hope you manage to make the most of the May Day bank holiday tomorrow :)


  1. Another beautiful bird painting... lovely! And great to see Elora flying her own kite, good job!

    I spent many hours wandering a nearby pagan farm... visiting all the sacred shrines and then a Maypole Ritual. I could use another day off - Wish WE had a bank holiday tomorrow... alas, its the very last day of classes, I will be critiquing ALL DAY, 32 students in all. Needless to say, I will be quite non-verbal by the end...

    Happy May!

  2. I just love your Celtic inspired bird. I really enjoy all your celtic inspired art and May day being the Celtic Festival of Bealtaine it is very appropriate. Happy Birthday Elora, hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

  3. Kites are so much fun, and I see Elora has a lovely delta kite. Deltas always fly well.
    What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday, and May Day :o)

  4. What a lovely kite -- brought back memories of when my dad made my brother and me a star kite with hummers when I was about Elora's age -- entirely too long ago now! -LOL!

  5. Carrie, another beautiful bird! And to set your mind at rest, my lovely Kells bird arrived yesterday, safe and sound after her long trip south. She's gorgeous, thank you so much, and I love the postcard too. Looks like Elora had lots of fun, a May Day baby...Happy Birthday to her!

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone, its always so nice to read your thoughts:)

    And Christina... Phew! I'm relieved it's finally arrived safe and sound, I was getting a little tiny bit worried! I do hope you enjoy her keeping you company :)


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