some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sketchbook mission #1 The Raven-Kin...

Yet again I realised I've gone a week without once picking up a pencil, so I thought it was about time I did something about it... So I've decided I must draw something, anything every day in my sketchbook just to try and keep my hand in and to break the artistic paralysis I so often suffer!
So I took up my trusty 2B determined to draw the first thing that came to mind, and unbidden came the strange, otherworldly wizened creature I had once drawn over ten years ago. I tried thinking of something else but no, he was still there, cackling in his harsh raven-croak unsettling way insisting he be drawn...
So here he is, the Raven-kin, Dream Thief, Fisher of Souls...
I don't think he's evil, but not a creature you'd want to meet in the misty marshes all the same...

He first created himself ten years or so back as an illustration to a song called Dream Thief for an album cover of one of my husband's early bands... I don't know where he came from then or why he wanted to come back again but I kind of like him in his darksome, uneasy way... Though he certainly can't go under the children's illustration part of my work!
Perhaps I'll paint him again one day just to keep him appeased...

Album cover from around 2001


  1. I like him.... doesn't look evil at all to me. And, maybe because Japan is so on my mind right now, he reminds me of a Japanese fisher-raven-man, or some such creature.

  2. Carrie he is a fantastic character, your style on the album cover reminds my of 'On a storytellers night' by Magnum. 'Fisher of souls' i love that description,so suits him.

  3. He's wonderful! And his look: beckoning and challenging.

    I think you're so right that doing a sketch a day - of anything - is important to keep artistically limbered up. (Something I keep promising myself to do, but inevitably fail to do.)

  4. He's fabulous Carrie. I have a twelve year old nephew who loves this kind of thing, so perhaps he might see his way into books for the teen market one day?

  5. such a fantastic sketch! Wonderful details and what a creature, yes keep him appeased ;-}

  6. beautiful! It reminds me of an Arthur Rackham drawing.

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments folks!
    Blimey, Arthur Rackham Cenya, and Rodney Matthews Aaron-Paul?!? I'm very chuffed you think so but I'm an awful long way off the mark of their kind of quality methinks!! Two artists I've long admired...
    And Kate, I never thought of writing about him... Hmmm that could be interesting indeed... maybe a short story one day...


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