some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tonight's Life Drawings...

30 minute pose

I made it to another evening life session at the Stony Street studios tonight, though it seems the evening sessions might not be continuing for too much longer unless more people start coming along. It would be a real shame from my point of view because the evenings are the only ones I can get to right now. So, out with the flyers and posters methinks...!
Here are some of the drawings from tonight...

I think its time to replace my two favourite life drawing pencils, they're only about an inch long now... a lovely soft black charcoal and a soft sepia charcoal/pastal pencil that I've done most of the last year's worth of life drawings with. Only trouble is I can't remember exactly what they were...

However I did enjoy using the big chunky graphite stick for the 2 minute poses - you just can't fuss with it and the weight really encourages strong bold sweeping lines, I think I like it!
I feel nice and safe with my charcoal pencils, but it's probebly about time I tried some other mediums... I might even take watercolours next week... A good excuse to go shopping for new art materials!

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  1. Carrie you are definitely master of the charcoal, the 30 min pose is excellent.


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