some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

This week's life drawings...

Here's this weeks life drawings...
I was late so missed all the short poses unfortunately...
So having rushed, rushed, rushed straight from work to school, it was off to the dentist with big daughter, over to pick up littlest daughter, back to work to pick up husband, deliver some framed pictures, grab hasty supper on the run, dash into town... sneak late into the studio mid-pose, sit, sketchbook out, pencil, to paper, and draw... phew!

Not what you'd call a calm and focussed state of mind, but she was a lovely new model who just radiated serenity so I think that really helped!
She held great poses too, this first stretching, twisting one she held perfectly for 10 minutes! Not even a sway or a waiver, really impressive - shame I couldn't fit her on the page! Lacking hands and feet my drawing doesn't really illustrate just how stretched she was, the placing and weight balance of her feet would've been crucial really to show this... never mind, great pose.

10 minute pose

15 minutes
(getting to grips with my brand new charcoal pencil that's replaced the inch long remains of my favourite one...)
30 minute pose

And the final 30 minute pose (slightly levitating!)

Having arrived late I didn't get organised to try working in different mediums this week, but I am determined to break out of my comfort zone next time... I might have to leave my beloved charcoal at home to make me do it!


  1. Hi there, love your life drawings! in general i adore drawings so much more than paintings, have always loved seeing the layers of work that are always visible in drawings, whereas they can be covered up sometimes in paintings....really like the first ten minute pose!

  2. Thanks Eimear, I agree with you about drawings - I love seeing the sketches of the old masters like De' Vinci and Rossetti... I was really disapointed to miss an exhibition at the British Museum last year of the sketchbooks, studies and drawings of some of those great artists... oh well.
    I had a quick hop over to your blog, lovely work - reminds me a little of Kay Nielsen :)

  3. These are terrific, I wish I could draw anything like so well, especially after a rush like the one you describe (and I recognise from past years...) Lovely clear lines!

  4. Thanks Katherine! It was a bit manic that evening...
    It's funny really how you always think everyone else's drawings are so much better than your own, I always turn the sketchbook page over quickly before anyone sees it! It's only later I'm brave enough to post them here, so its really surprising to get nice comments like yours!
    I usually wish I had another 5 minutes on every pose, it always goes too quick...

    Oh and I've been really enjoying your blog tour by the way - brilliant stuff! :)


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