some thumbnails of my illustrations

some thumbnails of my illustrations
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Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Spring Sunshine walk...

It was warm in the spring sun today, and having only been able to look at it through windows all week I was so pleased it stayed bright for my day off! We wandered off for a walk down along the old Railway line that is now an excellent cycle track. There's miles and miles of it slowly being reclaimed by nature - so well in fact the council are talking about making it into a nature reserve or conservation area for wildlife.

There's a certain fascination looking at these tracks that were last used in the 1970's as far as I know, now thick with saplings winding into undergrowth... much like the Old Ironworks I posted about recently, how quickly industry can be undone by nature when we think of it as quite the other way around usually.

The old tracks are great fun for the kids... (yes, I include my husband in that statement!)

There's a few Trolls hiding in these woods though, watch out!
I had fun snapping away randomly with my camera, but these below are a couple I was quite chuffed with... pure luck rather than skill!

We stayed out in the garden for the rest of the day trying to tame our own little wilderness while the girls made mud soup in their little red wheel barrow, mmm lovely!
Even our silly small grey lion was enjoying the sun, and found a plantpot that fitted his shape perfectly!
Hope you enjoyed some nice Spring sunshine today where ever you all may be...


  1. Another lovely walk with you.. I loved the Ironworks, this place is nice as well. We had a nice Equinox circle in between piles of snow, but it was really warm, warm enough to go without a coat for the first time in weeks.
    Warm sun, warm fire, nice gathering. Happy spring to you!

  2. Beautiful photos. It is astounding how quick nature reclaims her own.

    Wishing you a happy, creative Spring!


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